Bibliographic Data Flow Vol.III

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This is the official page for Bibliographic Data Flow of Add To My Library Vol.III international Book Art project initiative by Christina Mitrentse. The project has so far positively promoted and encouraged audience participation that attracted over 300 international participants from as far afield as China. It has been an honour to host the complete list of international arts, cultural, academic figures, book collectors and bookshops, who contributed their selected Books for the production of Vol.III. A large number of contributors of Volume III include academic researchers and stuff from Philosophy & Art Department University of Barcelona, Publishers & Bookshops from Greenwich area London, Academic staff of University of Greenwich London, as well as individual international contributors. ATML both acts as an on-line reference Library for public use and as a total work of art. As part of the Volumes, Mitrentse performs a series of Meta-Library events which are physically interactive and participatory installations where audience is encouraged to read, re-arranged the existing library content and contribute further books in the construction. To date, Meta-Library has been presented at Trinity London ,in collaboration with selected bookshops from Greenwich, at Library of Philosophy & history at University of Barcelona in association with the Rector of Digital Art & Architecture and curator C.Grammatikopoulou of InterARTive magazine at MAKE- Womens’ Arts Library Goldsmiths University at Coastal Currents Art festival and State of Contemporary Art Greece as part of International Book Fair. A series of drawings ,sculptures and collages have been produced , to represent these selected books as building blocks of Museums & Edificies from all over the world. A printed publication, copyright of the artist accompanies the project. The complete ATML vol.I launched in September 2010 at Departure Foundation London. The complete Vol.II exhibited in September 2011 at the Hemple- Art Work Space London and at Lola Nikolaou Gallery Greece 2012. ADD TO MY LIBRARY Volumes are on a touring exhibition in EU & UK for 2012-16 in collaboration with various educational centres and contemporary galleries.

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