Bibliophiles & Bookscape  are a unique series of collages and mixed media works using book covers from the ongoing project, ‘Add To My Library’, fine hand-printed papers, and old material from the artist’s archive gathered for many years. They return us to the quieter waters of scholars in their study, an emblem dating back to Jan van Eyck’s 15th century oil painting of St Jerome.The Bibliophile- collages with their seductive dog-eared colour corners (Mitrenstse’s trademark gesture) reference pre-Gutenberg manuscript culture, a historical epoch when there was still a premium attached to the act of close reading, and the explosive impact of the printed word was yet to occur. ‘The Wi-Fi Is Weak’,‘Denial of Service’, and ‘Our Mental Space Is The Database’ are titles attached to some of the new works. Mitrentse transforms actual hard backs from ‘ATML -Bibliographic Data Flow’ into colourful flat canvases, on which to explore post-internet text based ‘landscapes’/‘mentalscapes’ and particularly how the digital world seems to function as a ‘referee’ between humans and nature. These works also imply a parallel between the unstable logistics of both scriptorium and ‘E-scapes’ lifestyle, where copying errors were and can be transmitted virally. For nearly 600 years in-between though, the hallowed physical book has reigned supreme, monopolising academic and popular culture, only now assuming a different sort of role in response to a new kid on the block: digital literature and the post-human internet. Indeed as if in response to the challenge of cyberspace, the history of the book has also emerged as a legitimate, brand new discipline, the beginnings of a specialised and hugely fertile archival recapitulation of the phylum.  Michael Hampton,  Arts Writer London


        THE WIFI IS WEAK, antique hardbacks belgian & english hand bound , screen-print, vinyl letters, stardust, ribbons, wood, 90x65cm 


              DENIAL OF SERVICE, antique hardbacks, screen print , vinyl letters, stardust, ribbons, wood, 117 x125 cm 

Our Mental Space Is The DataBase antique hardbacks, vinyl letters ,stardust, screen print, ribbons, wood, 100x120cm

The Wi-Fi Is Weak II, antique hardbacks, vinyl letters ,stardust, screen print, ribbons, wood, 70x 90 cm 

                               NO E-SCAPE – INTERSPACE, antique hardbacks, vinyl letters ,stardust, screen print, ribbons, wood, 80x50cm 

NIKE – A Work of Art On Which the Auctioneers’ Hammer Will Never Fall. (unique) ,screen-printed silver & gold ink on book covers, ribbons, 90x 120cm




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