ipad Bookcases

This is the official site for e-bookworks. Mitrentse is pleased to have conceived and introduced the Original collectable e-BookWorks /e-Book Cases to ‘hide’ in  Tables , iPads and Kindles , handcrafted launched exclusively from mitrentsestudio February 2016 ( bespoke orders with your favourite book welcome ) 


The Great Fire- Kindle 4 case ,unique and collectable.Appropriated vintage book, handcrafted, ribbon , screen printed emblem,  19×14 x 2cm ©mitrentse 2016




The Ice Fair- Kindle 4 case , handcrafted vintage book,  screen printed emblem, ribbon 19×14 x2cm  ©mitrentse  2016



 The Saturday Book – Kindle 4 book Case,unique collectable handcrafted antique book, ribbon , screen printed emblem,  23×15 x 3cm,©mitrentse  2016


The Katalog National Galerie Zu Berlin’- iPad mini Case, appropriated vintage book, handcrafted, ribbon , screen printed emblem, 23x15x 3cm  ©mitrentse 2016


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