September 2018 – We are pleased to announce that the Wounded Books on-going project is featured in the publication ‘THE WORD IS ART ‘Published by THAMES & HUDSON  written by author and curator  MICHAEL PETRY of MOCA London 


22 September 2018 16.00- 18.30 | DIAS 02. DESTRUCTION IN ART SYMPOSIUM |  Chisenhale studios/Gallery  64 – 84 Chisenhale Road, London E3 5QZ

This September Chisenhale Studios will host DIAS 2.0 (Destruction in Art symposium 2.0) chaired by joint Pete Lloyd Lewis award recipient David Blackmore. The original Destruction in Art symposium (DIAS) was held in London (1966) chaired by Artist Gustav Metzger. Following the death of Metzger last year DIAS 2.0 seeks to examine the societal & cultural significance of destruction in the present day through its persistent use as subject matter and methodology in art. DIAS 2.0 will consist of a panel discussion, punctuated by a Q & A and accompanied by install works.The panel will be chaired by Artist David Blackmore and consists of practitioners invited because of the role destruction plays within their work and thinking. The ‘Wounded Books’ ongoing project by Christina Mitrentse will be on display. 


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