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                      Ta Nea Tis Texnis – Review of SoloExhibition ‘ Hot Shots & Skoobmania ‘ at Athens October 2019


Review of solo exhibition Hot shots & Skoobmania (in Greek) by Maria Karachristou featured at SPACE52  2019

Feature of Group show Glass Magazine  DROP /ONLY CONNECT at HIROSCHIMA 2015


Review | La.Libre by Art Critic Claude Lorent | Solo Show Metacognitive Artefacts  | Belgium 17 January 2014

Review by art critic Claude Lorent at La.Libre Belgium

Review by art critic Claude Lorent at La.Libre Belgium

 Review | The Telegraph : Top 10 Artworks at London Art Fair 2013, Anomalous God Is not Great No. 1 ©mitrentse |2013







ARTICLE -INTERVIEW | IN FACT magazine | 2014 






BOLO magazine : Feature Iconic Bibliophiles Prints | Issue 2 Milan 2010



Feature at Artplay | Christina Mitrentse Solo Show at The Jewish Museum of Greece | Athens May 2015

Feature at Avgi paper | Christina Mitrentse solo show at The Jewish Museum of Greece | May 2015

Feature at Culture Now Athens | Jewish Museum of Greece | May 2015 

Feature at La Pasion Gregia Athens | RE: SPOND-INVENT-CREATE | MAY 2015

Interview with Christina Mitrentse- A multidisciplinary London based artist/Curator by Rowan Al Adwan | WALL STREET INTERNATIONAL | MAY 2015




Article in Interartive Magazine | An invitation to Re:Spond/Invent/Create. Christina Mitrentse at the Jewish Museum of Athens | CHRISTINA GRAMMATIKOPOULOU | MAY 2015 

Article in Swedenborg House magazine London | Winner of Flag Design Swedenborg House /The Swedenborg Society | October 2013 

Review in DIVA magazine by Anna McNay Arts Writer London | MAKE-METALIBRARY Solo Show at Women’s Art Library/Goldsmiths University | September 2013 

Article  in Library As Incubator /Maddison USA| MAKE-METALIBRARY Solo Show at Women’s Art Library /Goldsmiths University London | September 2013 

Article /Feature in TETRAKTYS magazine | MAKE-METALIBRARY Solo Show at Women’s Art Library /Special Collections | September 2013 

Article /Feature in AO -Onassis Foundation International magazine issue 59 | Welcome To The Multiverse solo show| April 2013

Article/ Feature in Art & Science Journal | Welcome To The Multiverse solo Show | February 2013

Article/ Review in ArtLyst by Anna McNay Arts writer London | Welcome To The Multiverse solo Show | February 2013

Review in AN magazine by Anna McNay Arts writer London | Welcome To The Multiverse Solo Show | February 2013

Feature in  | Welcome To The Multiverse Solo Show | February 2013

Article/Feature in InteraRtive magazine | Welcome To The Multiverse Solo Show | January 2013

Feature in ArtRabbit | Welcome To The Multiverse Solo Show dalla Rosa gallery |February 2013

Feature in Art Forum Magazine | Welcome To The Multiverse Solo Show | February 2013

Feature/ Review in The Telegraph -Top 10 Artworks at London Art Fair |Anomalous God Is Not Great No.1 | January 2013

Article/ Feature in 24Grammata by Vassiliki Tzanakou Arts Writer London | Welcome To The Multiverse solo Show |  February 2013

Interview/Article in Macednia paper printed copy | ‘A Global Library’ by journalist Kostas Marinou | 11th September 2012

Feature/ Article in | Silent Reading Mode solo show | September 2012

Article /Feature in Close Up magazine- Agelioforos | Silent Reading Mode-ATML vol.II | 09 August 2012

Interview/ Article Greek paper Attiki press by journalist M.Provatidou| The Book as constructional medium -ATML Vol.II solo show| September 2012

Article in  Athens News Agency-Macedonia Press Southeastern Europe News | Silent Reading Mode -ATML vol.II & artcile by curator /art historian A. Leopoulou | journalist D.Riba | August 2012|

Feature in International Book Arts Newsletter No. 76  University of West of England | Silent Reading Mode- ATML Vol.II  August/September 2012

Feature /Artcile Art In Greece | Silent Reading Mode – ATML vol.II | September 2012 |

Axis cotemporary Art | Article by Art Historian & CACT curator Areti Leopoulou for Silent Reading Mode-ATML -Vol.II September 2012 |

Athens Voice |Article | Raining Books by Dimitris Karathanos | September 2012

Emblem / Flag, VI Olympic Rings| featured at Top 5 events -Time Out First Thursdays | The Residence Gallery| July 2012

IFIP SEC 2012, International IT conference | Woman artist and IT | Crete June 2012

Sculptures Feature | A RUSH OF CULTURE | printed Issue Metamorphosis| May 2012

ARTICLE | N |N magazine Nabroad |Add To My Library Vol.III International Book Art Initiative| May 2012

ARTICLE /INTERVIEW | Reading Between The Lines by Art Theorist C. Grammatikopoulou on Metalibrary & Wounded Books performance : Destruction/Deconstruction| InterARTive Art & Thought #42 May 2012

ARTICLE /INTERVIEW | University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Library As Incubator Idiosyncratic Institutions | Christina Mitrentse |May 2012

ARTICLE/INTERVIEW| International Book Art Project | Modern Togas |May 2012

Mesibila | Article Please Read Me (Spanish) | Features Add To My Library Vol.II | June 2012

InterARTive Art & Thought  #41, Add To My Library Vol.III Intervention at Library of Philosophy Uni Barcelona , April 2012

InterArtive Art & Thought #41 Spanish & Catalan| MetaLibrary Destruction -Deconstruction| April 2012

Art Selector , Features Add To My Library Vol.III project on Tour, Spain, April 2012

Art Lyst London, Features MetaLibrary/Destruction-Deconstruction, Library of Philosophy Uni BCN, April, 2012

Art Architecture & Digital Society| Spanish feature on MetaLibrary project | April 2012

Art Lyst London, Features Add To My Library Vol.II project on Tour ,Spain, April 2012

Axis | Features Add To My Library Vol.II international project on Tour| Spain April 2012

Axis | Features METALIBRARY Destruction-Reconstruction | Spain April 2012

Art Review Blog| Features METALIBRARY- Destruction -Reconstruction | Spain 2012

CFPR Book Arts platform -University of West of England , Feature ‘Wounded Books series’-An Inventory of Al Mutanabbi show, 2012

Visiting Arts UK, Public project 15 meter Mural at Hackney Wick festival featured at 100 Voices project at ICA, UK, January 2012

Art Corpus UK, critical analysis/review of curated exhibition LINEAR B, by writer Anna McNay January 2012

FAD , S.L.A.M Gifted Competition Win A hand pulled Silkscreen Print from Christina Mitrentse December. 2011

FAD & South London Art Map, Gifted Art Tour Special, LINEAR B exhibition Art Tour at Stephen Lawrence Gallery December. 2011

Modern Togas, Interview with Lida Aslanidou, Art practice and International Culture, December 2011

Modern Togas, Linear B -curated exhibition, introducing the international project, by Lida Aslanidou, December 2011

Book Arts News issue 70, UWE Centre For Fine Print Research, feature Linear B, Emblem public project & Mapping the Surface, NY, December 2011. Download at:

FAD ,  Interview by Mark Fast | September 2011

FAD, August 2011, Feature Add To My Library Vo.II, solo project 2011

AO magazine ,issue 53 September, Onassis Foundation, Greek Article by Ms Bouzali on Add To My Library project, 2011

Public Libraries UK Feature on Add To My Library Vo.II solo show October,2011

Arty Peeps, creative network for publishing people UK, Feature Add To My Library Vo.II, October 2011

Art Licks ,October UK, feature on ‘Emblem Deconstructed & Destroyed : A Homage to John Latham’ | solo show 2011

Art Licks, September UK, feature on ‘Add To My Library Vol.II’ solo show 2011

Book Arts international News issue 68 | writing by Peter Suchin on Add To My Library Vol.II, download here:

Book Arts international News issue 65 | Book Cover Peace Book Flag by C.Mitrentse, Public project at Int. Book Art Fair | May Greece download :

AUGI Greek newspaper, Interview ‘Questions around the fragility of distributing knowledge‘ | 2nd Nov. 2011

Rat Commander Procuctions , Film / interview about ‘Add To My Library Vol.II | Solo show 2011

InterARTive magazine #35 feature ‘ Emblem Deconstructed & Destroyed : A Homage to John Latham | solo show 2011

InterARTive magazine #34 Interview by Christina Grammatikopoulou about ‘ Add To My Library Vol.II’ | solo show 2011

AN magazine, Bibliographic Data Flow of international Contributors from the Art world 2011

Culturosupa guide for culture (Greek )| Features Studio practice METABOOK and Curatorial Salon Vogue | February 2011

Tetraktys, Salon Vogue, International online | December 2010

AKSIA ,Greek newspaper-Interview by Filio Ragou |  28 April,Athens, 2010

TA NEA Greek newspaper- Interview about solo show/practice by Lena Evaggelou |Athens 29th May 2010

Art Mag (Greek )magazine | features Building My Library & Sculptures for Public Sculptures| May 2010

MAKEDONIA / Adore magazine, Interview | Thessaloniki 02 May 2010

Ana-mpa, Omogeneia, Interview- new works article | Athens 03 May 2010

Close Up magazine, Interview/feature new works  | Thessaloniki 15 May 2010

All In London, feature : Domestic Gods & Mushroom Hereos,  Solo Show Hackney Empire 2010

Time out London, Celestial Contrakt –selected 5 top London shows,November 2009

AN magazine, Celestial Contrakt ,artist talking |  November 2009 Feature article  | November 2009 Curation Celestial Contrakt | November 2009

Hackney Gazzete , In/flux profile feature  | London, September 2009 Brussels art fair -The apartment gallery review | April 2009

Time Out,London, Impromptu show, March 2009

AN magazine, Impromptu review, | April 2009

Schwartzprojects, Impromptu Review | April 2009 

Homogeneia Athens , interview on recent art production  |March 2009

InterARTive magazine #33 feature ‘The pythia Oracle |  2009

InterARTive magazine Art & Thought #30, feature Building My Library solo show  | 2009

NOID GALLERY,Building My Library Solo Show | 2009

Kaput magazine issue 6, Article by Natali Pampouki:Drawing  by contemporary Greek artists | 2009

A.Onassis magazine, article, issue 42 | December 2008

AN magazine , Public Commission: Greenwich Foot Tunnel -CupBoard Love with Jonas Ranson | December 2008

Evening Standard , article on Public Commission: Greenwich Foot Tunnel -Cupboard Love | December 2008

Artsland , article on Public Commission: Greenwich Foot Tunnel -Cupboard Love | December 2008

Saloniki Forum feature : Time exhibition at Stephen Lawrence Gallery | October 2008

Geek Festival , Artist Book Library | 2008 magazine, 12 Domestic gods project | March 2008

Close up, lifestyle Greek magazine | summer issue 2008

FAD magazine  interview | November 2008

Nothing for the people, Young Mountains, Volume 1, 2,3 | London 2008 ANA-MPA. Review on C.Mitrentse practice | 2008

AO magazine, Onassis Foundation Scholars Exhibition | 2008

Critical Network , article : Screenings- Another RoadSide Attraction | 2007 

Context, life style magazine – spring issue Athens 2007

Kathimerini. Greek Newspaper, feature curatorial project ‘Who cares about Greek Art? 2006

AO magazine, Issue 42, THE SECRET SCHOOL 2006

Wordrobe, a journal about the future of language | Issue 2 London 2006

Sotiris Bachtetzis on Beltsios collection, catalogue | Athens 2006

Highlights ,art magazine, issue 20 | Athens 2006

GAP, issue 09,Athens 2006

Velvet magazine | Athens February 2006

Ozon magazine |Athens February 2006

A.Onasis magazine  issue 30 | February 2006

The News, -TA NEA  | Athens  May 2006

The Other BHMA, Athens | May 31 2006

Thouli Misirloglou critic on Christina Mitrentse’s practice, Visions catalogue | Athens March 10 2005


download: Press _Release_ Lola_ Nikolaou_gallery.pdf (B)
description: Greek Press Release Lola Nikolaou gallery and Kalos&Klio showroom 4th May and 5th May 2010

download: Fad Interview (15.38KB)
description: Christina Mitrentse's Interview in FAD fast art news London

download: Thouli _Misirloglou_essay_ about_Christina_ Mitrentse_ practice.pdf (1.67MB)
description: Article by art theorist and curator Thouli Misirloglou from MMCA

download: Press_ release_Going_Postal_ ICA.pdf (15.38KB)
description: Exhibition/auction Going Postal at ICA London

download: Press_ Release_ Solo_show_ Building_ My_ Library.pdf (23.29KB)
description: Press Release solo show Building My Library at NO:ID gallery London 09

download: Press_release Domestic _Gods_and_Mushroom _Heroes_ by_ C_Mitrentse.pdf (7.78KB)
description: Press Release Domestic Gods & Mushroom Heroes a Solo show by Christina Mitrentse at Hackney Empire Theater London 09-10

download: The_Secret_School_at_Amsterdam_Paper.pdf (252.69KB)
description: The Secret School Featured at Amsterdam News Paper 08

download: The_Secret_School_in_London_Greek_Translation.pdf (93.88KB)
description: Article about The Secret School Project Greek Translation

download: Christina_Mitrentse_featured_at_Hackney_Gazette_paper.pdf (464.54KB)
description: Christina Mitrentse Mushroom portraits featured at Hackney Gazette newspaper London

download: Featured_ at_ Mercury_ Greenwich_ foot_ tunnel_ public _project.pdf (917.50KB)
description: Artists C.Mitrentse & J.Ranson speak about their public project Greenwich foot tunell to Mercury newspaper