Flag/Emblems are an on-going series of hand-pulled limited edition screen prints (CMYK process) that juxtapose notions of education in relation to the believe systems represented within these global symbols. Investigating the material (Form) and rhetorical presence (Metaphor) of book, the artist’s appropriated book collection and a selection of contributed books by international art specialists have been used as a structural material in the prints. A reproduced montage of radical philosophy, popular novels, science and art books that has formed Mitrentse’s artistic Identity over the last 15 years. Each Flag is a statement on the cultural representation and fetishisation of ideologies, being primarily intended to make the viewers aware of their civilisation in crisis and invites them to re-interpret their chosen believes, by re- contextualizing bibliographic experience. All print editions are hand printed by the artist using the four colour seperation CMYK screen printing process. Editions are printed in signed limited numbers of 10 to 20, on high quality 300gsm Acid Free paper. 



SHhhh.. Winning Design Swedenborg House Flag, screenprint on 300gsm gold laux paper,50x70cm,ltd edition of 20 ,signed & numbered ©mitrentse  


FLAG I, II, III, screen prints on 300gsm paper, limited edition of 10 each,signed & numbered ©mitrentse.  Installation view at Saatchi Suite Hyatt Regency


Flag I, Union Jack screen print on paper, 50x70cm

FLAG I- UNION JACK , screen print on 300gsm Southbank Smooth paper, 50x70cm & 70x100cm ,ltd edition of 10 each, signed & numbered ©mitrentse 


Flag II,

FLAG II , screen print on Southbank Smooth 300gsm paper, 50x70cm ,ltd edition of 10, signed & numbered ©mitrentse  


Flag iii green 50x70cm

FLAG III green, screen print on 300gsm Southbank smooth paper, 50x70cm, ltd edition of 10,signed & numbered ©mitrentse



FLAG III , screen print on southbank 300gsm paper,  100x80cm, ltd edition of 10,signed & numbered ©mitrentse


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