WELCOME !! This site contains information relating to many of Christina Mitrentse’s art works made between 1999 to present.

Add To My Library Vol.II installation view

Christina Mitrentse is an international multidisciplinary artist ,freelance curator and educator. She is known for constructing provocative narratives and poetic ensembles of idiosyncratic institutions through manifold processes of vintage book-sculpture, drawing, screen-print, and productions of site-specific installation i.e The Secret School a ‘living’ project which was housed at a WWII bomb shelter just before the London bombings of 2005, Add To My Library ongoing international Book Art project Initiative and touring exhibition in Europe and UK. She is the founder of Bibliographic Data Flow, an on-going systematic methodology and autonomous Reference Library, performed as an interactive Meta-Library. Since 1998 Mitrentse is increasingly known for her extensive commitment to drawing an autonomous, yet rational, primary mode within her heterotopic practice. Highly descriptive and meticulous in the Multiverse series ,it serves as a tool for critical enquiry, for mapping time, philosophy and ultimately the construction of discrete worlds. Mitrentse’s Artworks represented by Nadine Feront Brussels | DEPODARM Contemporary Space | Emma Hill -The Eagle Gallery,  and various collections across UK & EU ,please see NEWS.

Add To My Library Vol.II

Add To My Library Vol.III

MetaBook | Print Editions

MetaLibrary | Public project

The Secret School I,II,III

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