Add To My Library Vol.III

This is the official page for Add To My Library Vol. III , an on-going international Book Art project initiative conceived by Christina Mitrentse. Mitrentse is known for having invented the innovative methodology BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA FLOW that compiles favorite art book titles/authors, contributed by international specialists from the art world, i.e museologists, artists, curators, writers, academics, all adding to her non-normalised institution. New drawings/collages entitled ‘Contemporary Art Museums’ ,representing books as building blocks of Museums & Contemporary Art Centres from all over the world, have been produced in this Volume. A parallel body of critical work entitled Wounded Books- Bullet Holes on selected vintage Books’, they have been shot with a riffle in licensed conditions, to accompany this project. Selected pieces have been  featured in special collections including the Book Arts at UWE, the Library of Philosophy University of Barcelona, the Chelsea College of Art & Design Library special collections, Women’s Art Library Goldsmiths University. To date ATML Volumes have been featured at Nadine Feront Gallery Brussels, THE HEMPEL ART WORK SPACE London , at Mitte Gallery Spain , at Lola Nikolaou Gallery, and presented as an interactive Meta-Library at Trinity London, the Library of Philosophy & History University of Barcelona, at Departure foundation London ,The Women’s Art Library Special Collections, Goldsmiths University Library and at Coastal Currents Art Festival Hastings . The ATML project is on a touring programme of exhibitions in UK & EU supported by art foundations, galleries and educational centres. 

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Palai de Tokyo-Paris  | drawing on paper, 150x120cm courtesy Nadine Feront Gallery Brussels 


WIELS CCA -BRUSSELS  | pencil, graphite, gold pastel on 400gsm paper, 150x120cm courtesy Nadine Feront Gallery Brussels

Acropolis_museum web_mitrentse

NEW ACROPOLIS MUSEUM |  graphite, colour pencil, marker on 310gsm archival paper, 50x70cm  | ATML.Vol.III  Courtesy DEPODARM GALLERY


 Berlinische Galerie Und Kreuzberg I  | drawing & collage on paper, 50x70cm | courtesy the Artist


 Berlinische Galerie Und Kreuzberg II  | drawing & collage on paper, 50x70cm | Courtesy the Artist


MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art-KraKow  | drawing on paper,  50x70cm | ATML Vol.III  | Courtesy the Artist


MACBA-Barcelona |  drawing & collage on paper, 50x70cm  | ATML.Vol.III | courtesy the artist

2016-01-10 00.17.38

Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney MCA | drawing & collage on paper, 50x70cm | # A.T.M.L. VOL.III  | Courtesy the Artist


National Portrait Gallery Candella -Australia  | drawing & collage on paper,50x70cm | #ATML.Vol.III  |Courtesy the Artist 


Nerman Museum Contemporary Art |  drawing on paper 50x70cm | ATML.vol.III | Courtesy the artist


Contemporary Art Museum Zagreb | drawing on 300gsm paper, 50x70cm | ATML.VoL.III | courtesy the artist

New Tate Modern mitrentse web

The New Tate Modern |  drawing & collage on paper, 50x70cm | ATML Vol.III  | courtesy the artist


Museum Tel-Aviv |  pencils & collage on paper, 50x70cm | ATML.Vol.III | Courtesy The Artist

New Museum NY web mitrentse

NEW MUSEUM NY | graphite & gold ink on paper, 50x70cm | ATML vol.III  | Courtesy DEPODARM GALLERY 

Budda museum web mitrentseBuDDa Temple  |  drawing on paper, 50x70cm | ATML.vol.III | Courtesy DEPODARM Gallery

Buddist tembel web mitrentse

Bing Wind Goose Pagoda- China | colour pencil & graphite on paper, 50x70cm | ATML.Vol.III | Courtesy DEPODARM Gallery



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