The METABOOK is designed to decontextualise the historical value of symbolism within society’s diversity. It yields a contemporary library or museum, defying conventional categorization. 10 familiar Emblems/ Flags juxtaposing notions of education in relation to the believe systems represented within these global symbols. Investigating the material (Form) and rhetorical presence (Metaphor) of book, the artist’s appropriated book collection is used as a structural material in an attempt to emphasize the need for reconstruction of these ideologies. A reproduced montage of radical philosophy, popular novels, science and art books -that has formed Mitrentse’s artistic Identity over the last 15 years- now amalgamate into a series of new printed pages transcended of any thematic organization. Each page is a visual statement on the cultural representation and fetishisation of ideologies, being primarily intended to make the viewers ponder their ‘text’ of civilisation in crisis, and invites them to re-interpret their chosen believes, re- contextualizing bibliographic experience. The METABOOK references the Vorticism movement that can be cited in the history and development of the Artists’ Book form. The angular prints and drawings of Vorticists ,Wadsworth, Roberts and Lewis, that reveal images threatening to the very page that carries them, reflecting the fundamental urge of most book artists too: antagonism for the page, and thus the ancient sacerdotal role of the book as priestly tool.

TECHNIQUE: hand-pulled, screen-printed plates produced in a four-colour separation process. It is transformed into a sculptural object when displayed wide open. COVER: Two recycled hard grey card. Covers feature artist’s logo design. BOOKCASE: recycled thick grey card, hand printed and crafted includes the artist’s logo design. EDITION: Exclusive limited edition of 5 copies. DIMENSIONS: 31×41x 2cm