As part of ATML on-going International Book Art project Mitrentse performs a series of METALIBRARY ;interactive and participatory floor based installations, physically experienced by the audience as site -specific interventions. These are commissioned by selected Libraries, Art Galleries , Art Festivals and Educational Centres in UK and Europe.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMETALIBRARY ©mitrentse , 11th International book Fair Thessaloniki Greece, photo by Areti Leopoulou

 METALIBRARY – ALL DAY INTERACTIVE PARTICIPATORY INTERVENTION. A collaboration between The Center of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki (CACT) of the State Museum of Contemporary Art (SMCA) and The National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (MIET) at the 11th International Book Fair of Thessaloniki Helexpo Exhibition & Congress Centre . Pavilion 15 , Stand 16. With the kind Support of Scholars’ Association of Onassis Public Benefit Foundation. Curated by Areti Leopoulou Art Historian/Curator  Centre of Contemporary Art  info:

The main body of the project will consist of dozens of books, which will be selected by the artist from the libraries of the SMCA (Costakis Collection) and the MIET and with additional favorite books selected by the staff of both institutions. These are the main material for the construction of an ephemeral “Meta-Library”. Mitrentse, along with the public, will construct a participatory floor-based interactive installation, as a site-specific intervention in the grounds of the Stand 16, that focuses on the culture of the book. The Public participation and interaction with the work is a vital element. During the day, the audiences are invited to bring and add their own favorite book in order to expand the content of the continual “Bibliographic Data Flow” of the Meta-Library. The New Bibliographic Data Flow vol.III publication will be available to the audience. As refer to by the curator – art historian of the CACT / SMCA, Areti Leopoulou: Mitrentse is ultimately building an Heterotopia of her own. As a result, she initiates a kind of post-museum for books that are symbolically “disabled” or “dead”. This concept has a strong theoretical and methodological infrastructure: emblems, ancient monuments and plinths, cultural or historical symbols, the internet, as well as the background of other artists (i.e. British conceptual artist John Latham). In this way Mitrentse brings the books back to life with her own museological idiom. She recommends a new type of language –she proposes a new knowledge. Even if the death of books or other cultural products is perennially announced, even if access to information has become equal to absorbed information, what still remains a need is knowledge. And knowledge never dies. 


METALIBRARY, ©mitrentse, photo by Giannis Epameinondas MIET


METALIBRARY, ©mitrentse, photo by Areti Leopoulou CACT 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMETALIBRARY ©mitrentse photo by Areti Leopoulou


Coastal Currents 2013

 META-LIBRARY COMMISSIONED BY COASTAL CURRENTS  ART FESTIVAL /HASTINGS OLD TOWN | ARTIST TALK SATURDAY 5 OCTOBER 4.30pm ( Audiences are invited to bring and add/loan their own favourite books throughout the exhibition daily 12-5.30pm  The METALIBRARY is an interactive and participatory floor based installation conceived by multidisciplinary artist/educator Christina Mitrentse. Part of the artist’s ongoing, international Book Art project initiative Add To My Library which has attracted over 200 participants from as far afield as China. This installation is part of the artist’s evolving critical and participatory dialogue with international communities. Flags and emblems are an ongoing interest for Mitrentse. For Coastal Currents commission ,Mitrentse’s work interprets the Anglo-Saxon and Hastings flag, which forms the layout for the floor installation. Mitrentse will supply books from her own collection and those sourced from local bookshops and charity shops on the themes of maps, geography and history. Audiences are invited to bring and add/loan their own books throughout the exhibition. They are also encouraged to read and rearrange a variety of book titles and to share their stories while adding their favourite book, all of which will add to and result in the construction of the METALIBRARY in the continual Bibliographic Data flow. Shown alongside the METALIBRARY will be a selection of Mitrense’s limited edition screenprints Flag/Emblems that juxtapose notions of education in relation to the belief systems represented within these global symbols. 

Coastal Currents 2013





The Women’s Art Library /MAKE Special Collections at Goldsmiths University is pleased to present MAKE–METALIBRARY an exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Christina Mitrentse. METALIBRARY is a site specific interactive floor based installation gathering together the complete MAKE magazine archive (issues 1- 92) made available to the public in the library’s special collection reading room, and emerging from Mitrentse’s ongoing Add To My Library project. Two screenings project background information from Vol.II & III archive of ATML, in dialogue with the ‘Wounded Book Sculptures’ to be displayed in cabinets: a selection of feminist vintage Penguin publications shot with riffle creating bullet holes,and have been introduced by Mitrentse as a series of appropriated, ready-mades since 2010. A selection of new large wall based colour drawings and an exclusive printed edition, extensively designed to expand the MAKE publication front covers and archive of the future, providing also a connection between the special collections reading room and the main Library, while a ‘Book-Skoob Tower’ rises to the 1st floor. The exhibition features writings by Areti Leopoulou ,Art historian /CACT curator & Dr. Christina Grammatikopoulou of InteRartive magazine , Vassiliki Tzanakou, curator/writer London and Michael Hampton, arts writer Art Monthly /Frieze. A limited edition screen-print MAKE OUT will be available. 

 MAKE OUT , Screen print on 300gsm paper, limited edition of 20, 50x70cm ©mitrentse 


Make -special edition 2013 , drawing on paper 110×84 cm ©mitrentse                                  Women’s Art Magazine, (WAM)drawing on paper, 110×84 ©mitrentse 


Wounded_books_make_mitrentse Wounded Books V, VI, VII, VIII, Bullets Holes on Vintage books, ©mitrentse courtesy the artist & WAL Special Collections Goldsmiths University. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

METALIBRARY DESTRUCTION-DECONSTRUCTION | LIBRARY OF PHILOSOPHY & HISTORY UNIVERSITY OF BARCELONA | CURATED BY INTERARTIVE  The Library of Philosophy of University of Barcelona has the pleasure to invite London based artist Christina Mitrentse to perform a participatory, interactive ephemeral ‘Meta-Library’ constructed with the favorite books contributed by researchers ,University academics and external audience. This de-construction forms the Emblem of her work and continual Bibliographic Data Flow of ATML touring exhibition.A Talk with the artist and curator will be held at the Library accompanied by a limited edition publication. Sponsored by the Rector of Cultural Heritage and AADS Art Architecture and Digital Society. Project organised and curated by Dr. C.Grammatikopoulou of InterARTive magazine. Read Interview with the artist and curator Reading Between the Lines InterARTive #42 Article/interview at N | N, Nabroad magazine Article/Interview on the University of Wiscons Madison’s featuring ‘Idiosyncratic Institutions’.

METALIBRARY | Emblem Deconstructed & Destroyed : A Homage To John Latham | 

Trinity  are pleased to announce the launch of Meta-Library Emblem Deconstructed And Destroyed, a new commission of a public interactive installation by the established, multidisciplinary artist Christina Mitrentse.The exhibition is part of London’s foremost contemporary arts festival Deptford X. Mitrentse’s work reflects the legacy of the renowned British conceptual artist John Latham and this exhibition forms part of Mitrentse’s acclaimed ongoing international Book art project initiative Add To My Library. The first part of this exhibition takes the form of a large scale Billboard, a screen printed ‘Book Flag’ addressing the Trinity building’s edifice in response to John Latham’s book-relief sculpture which penetrates the main window fronting Flat Time House in Peckham. Mitrentse pays devoted tribute to this highly important post-war artist as he was an inspiration in her shift from object to destruction and interactive installation which led to her addressing science and cosmology reflected in the entire body of her work since the 90’s. In addition to the external piece the interior gallery space hosted an ephemeral MetaLibrary and a series of ‘Skoob Towers’. A participatory floor-based ,interactive installation in which Mitrentse collaborated with local antique book-sellers from Greenwich area. The audience was encouraged during the exhibition to reconstruct, read and re-arrange the books as well as to purchase a variety of book titles, that composed the construction and her continual Bibliographic Data Flow Vol.III of ATML project. 


MAKE Liberating Multiverses  – A Preview of MAKE – METALIBRARY | Vassiliki Tzanakou Writer 

Strict geometrical and organisational rules imposed by a library space are infused with the multiversal philosophical practice of the multidisciplinary artist Christina Mitrentse. Two screenings project background information from Vol.II & III archive of ATML, large colour drawings are in dialogue with a totem-like ‘Book-Skoob Tower’ and a selection of ‘Wounded Book Sculptures’. Mitrentse’s site specific installation at the Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths University of London, entitled MAKE-METALIBRARY, is characterised by in depth research, highly developed technical skills, symmetry of form, shape and line. In perfect harmony with the environment, the beautiful spatial intervention goes beyond spectacle as it functions as a lullaby that ‘traps’ its ‘victim’ leading it to other, parallel spaces. The allure of beauty has an endogenous ability to separate the encountered sensual objects from their immediate qualities in order to create exits to different realities, new relations and critical spaces that are not necessarily presented by the sensual objects as such. Carefully selected vintage Penguin books focusing on women are accurately shot and perforated by bullets. The explosion creates a blossoming effect similar to the effusion of a rare flower. The ‘victim’ gets instantly entrapped by the unique visual stimulus. The displayed static violence is in constant, but variable motion; both still and fluid, dynamic and stable. Mitrenste’s destructive action has no intention to vandalise the book neither the idea of the Book. By deconstructing the object she is creating the fundamentals for the reconstruction of the immaterial. The emotional and intellectual response to the ‘fear of loss’ activates our primeval mechanisms. The bullet disrupts the existing esoteric order of things triggering the memory and opening new spaces of possibility. Each wounded page ‘speaks’ in silence or narrates stories of the multifaceted human psyche and society; the oppressed in a male dominated society woman, the female expression and creativity; the loss of the tangible object in the era of digitisation. Endless interpretations subjected exclusively to the spectator’s selected limitations.

Mitrentse’s practice is deeply influenced by the Kantian transcendental idealism, which amongst other suggests that the substances of space and time are the result of human intuition. Based upon this philosophical approach, she creates Multiverses that go beyond what is conceived as past, present or future. Therefore, her choice to convert the complete archive of MAKE magazine to a structural element of her main floor based installation is not exclusively aiming to pay homage to this superbly made feminist publication and to the female artistic creation. With a dialectical diathesis and with a deliberately non-didactic way, she sets her Multiverse theory as her thesis and the dominating Newtonian theory of time (where the MAKE archive represents the past, the ATML screenings the present, and the MAKE future front cover drawings the future), as her antithesis. It is then again the spectators’ decision to determine a new thesis.

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