Skoob Tower II- After John Latham, Handcrafted Sculpture- Altered World Atlases,wood, 210cm hight x 40cm diam. 

Installation View at One Creechurch Place London



Within an obsessive cultural context of hypertexts, e-learning and digitization, Christina Mitrentse’s on-going international project ATML, reflects linear processes of collective narratives since 2006. Mitrentse creates an array of humorous meditations on materiality by appropriating books -A montage of radical philosophy, popular novels, science and art books have been defaced, handcrafted, Twisted, cut and stuck together as ‘building blocks’, meticulously transformed into organic yet architectural constructions of small scale ‘Pedestals’, ‘Plinths’, ‘Mushrooms’ and ‘Bibliophiles’. Their sculptural formulation raises questions regarding hierarchies of institutions provoking viewers to explore relationships between the social purpose and the cultural significance of ‘the Book’ as foreboding container for the distribution of knowledge. What does materiality mean in a digital era? ”Addressing the relationship of disembodied knowledge to embodied experience and materiality. Within the digital market  ‘ATML’ acts as a non-normalised  institution, a new place of knowledge” .


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