This is the official page for Add To My Library aka ATML an on-going international Book Art project initiative and a series of exhibitions supported by foundations, galleries and educational centres. Mitrentse is known for having invented the innovative methodology BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA FLOW aka BDF that compiles favourite art book titles/authors, contributed by international specialists, cultural and academic figures , i.e museologists, artists, curators, writers etc, all adding to her idiosyncratic institution. Mitrentse performs a series of METALIBRARY, physical interactive and participatory installations where the audience is encouraged to read, and re-arranged the existing library content and add further books. The project has so far positively promoted and encouraged audience participation that attracted over 400 international participants from as far afield as China. Printed double sided  BDF publication Volumes accompany the project, which both act as on-line reference Library and as a total work of art. A series of drawings ,sculptures and collages have been produced that represent these selected books as building blocks of Museums & Edificies from all over the world. To date ATML Volumes have been featured at Nadine Feront Gallery Brussels, THE HEMPEL ArtWorkSpace London , Mitte Gallery Spain , Jewish Museum of Greece,  and presented as an interactive Meta-Library at International Book Fair /MIET – Contemporary Art Centre, Trinity London, the Library of Philosophy & History University of Barcelona, at Departure foundation London ,The Women’s Art Library Special Collections, Goldsmiths University Library and at Coastal Currents Art Festival Hastings,     

‘‘The paradox of Mitrentse’s project is that it is both a sign of dissipation, of the loss of knowledge and the means for its transmission,and a conscious recouping or preservation of the culture of the book.” Peter Suchin, art critic Art Monthly/Frieze. 


What is your favourite book?